In Australia there is a real trend towards Faux Florals for wedding and events. It makes sense; our florals won’t wilt in the hot Australian wedding season weather, won’t get crushed in those tight congratulatory hugs… and in the movement of sustainability, our flowers are reused and reused. There is no waste and for the bride, this means that she gets the flowers that she wants, in a season that they may not be usually available for a lesser cost than fresh florals. Wins all round. Here’s to a bigger honeymoon!
We were recently invited to add some of insight and knowledge into wedding flower for some article published in the UK.
Here are some of our some of our thoughts….

1 What is the best/worst/weirdest wedding flowers you have seen?

We are lovers of beautiful flowers, so naturally, those of the highest quality, that are constantly mistaken as fresh are the absolute best. Our beautiful large headed roses, orchids or our peonies. Real cannot compete… which is odd to say even for us! Our florals look AND feel undeniably real!
Wedding flowers are chosen by the bride, so to say what the worst is would be unkind. We do have our favourites and we only really offer beautiful soft colours, as mother nature does. You won’t find any bright blue lilies or frangipanis in our bouquets or garlands!

2. What are some tips for making a wedding look fantastic?

Make sure there is a consistent theme throughout the wedding look. Tie it all together to allow your wedding day be the beginning of your wedded story. Carefully selected and edited. That could included the welcome sign matching the look and feel of the table seating sign. Using the same florals in the bridal table runner and the garlands over the door way or photo booth. The look should be seamless. Breaking up flowers with greenery is also a great option. Sometimes sharp edges of a venue just need a little softening. Here in Australia, it is popular to get married in a surf club over looking the beach. Traditionally, surf clubs are not the most romantic looking of venues, so greenery and florals allow the space to really sing!

3. Is it a good idea to have flowers in the passageways or just main room?

If budget and venue space allow, so not to obstruct flow of people, decorating an entrance with flowers can be a great introduction to the look and theme of a wedding. Like a gorgeously illustrated book cover, or beautiful packaging. It is a hint and first impression of what is to come.

4. Any other relevant tips and opinions are most welcome!

Trust in the experts you have employed, but do ensure those experts have experience under their belt. Everyone has to start somewhere but you don’t them to practice on your wedding. Listen to the experts on what works best for your particular venue. Odds are they have done a lot more weddings at that location than you!
Your wedding day is your day but it is just a day that will come to a close before you know it. Take the time to take it all in and enjoy it. Being a faux flower specialist brides can inspect our designs before they are installed, which is a bonus, however for the brides that are working with fresh florists; if something is not perfect on the day, take a deep breath and let it go. It might not be exactly what you wanted, however it will still be beautiful and no one else will know that it was not perfect in your eyes.


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