Wedding signage is such a beautiful addition to your special day. Whether that be an introduction to your event as a welcome sign, or perhaps a table seating chart for your guests to find their seat. As the saying goes, “the beauty is in the detail” and signage can do this effortlessly. The feeling that everything was covered, there were no gaps, nothing was missed. Your guests will know what is happening, they know will where to go so they can be content to enjoy their day; the celebration of you!

We at Faux Flower Company, are a bunch of romantics. We do love a good love story and we see one’s wedding day as the very start. Yes, you may have been together for years, but your wedding day is the coupling of two souls. It is the official joining of two families and we love the idea that your guests are taken through a creative journey of your day; from arrival to final send-off.

Why am I calling your wedding day a journey? Your wedding day is an opportunity to not only show how much you love your partner, but you also have the opportunity to walk your guests through a creative journey that has been crafted especially for you. A journey that is a true representation of you both; your taste, your favourite colour scheme, even your favourite text fonts. When these things are added together, it is what we call, the creative look and feel of your day or creative journey.

From welcome sign, the directional arrows if guests have a distance to walk, table seating charts, a fun photo booth for your guests to not only take part in your day but have a fun keepsake from the day (with hashtags!) Mrs & Mrs signs hanging off backs of chairs. Table numbers. The possibilities are endless and all make up the special details that will make your day stand out in people’s minds, but also your own.

Faux Flower Company Wedding Signage White Text on Wood.Faux Flower Company Table Seating ChartFaux Flower Company Gold Text on White.Faux Flower Company Phtoto Booth Polaroid.Faux Flower Company Wedding Signage.Faux Flower Company Table Seating Chart.Faux Flower Company Gold Wedding Sign.


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